Delphi development: An introduction to the language

Delphi is a programming language and SDK from Embarcadero Technologies. Due to being based on Pascal, some people are quick to write off this language as being dated and no longer fit for purpose which I think is most definitely not accurate!

Delphi is not dead
Delphi is not dead!

Delphi is a great programming language to learn and develop with. the visual design editor means you can make great applications very quickly. You can compile to Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and Linux all from one code base!

Delphi is really easy to start working with. Even if you don’t plan on spending any money on it. You can get developing with Delphi for free by downloading the starter edition from the Embarcadero website Community Edition that I’ve written about here, released just after I wrote this article!

Once you finish signing up for the starter edition you’ll be able to download the installer. Next you’ll receive an email with a product key to register the software for use.

Run the installer and choose the relevant options and enter the product key where appropriate. The downloader pops up shortly after. This grabs the SDKs and the IDE from Embarcadero’s servers and installs them.

When the install is finished, you’ll be able to begin your Delphi journey by clicking “Start Working” to open up the IDE!

A great next step is my introduction to creating basic Windows forms applications.


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